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Need some Spanish Armada SH-3H AEW interior pics

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Hi All,


I could use some help with my 1/72nd Fujimi SH-3H AEW build, please!


I am particularly looking for pictures of the right side cabin wall and of the monitor set-up as I believe it to be slightly different from the Brit version.


All help appreciated,



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Have since found this one, showing the console is almost full-width - along with a tantalising glimpse of the starboard cabin wall, which looks to me to be devoid of any seating...


Note the laptop mounted in the centre!

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Elementary, my dear Wardog, elementary...


I was actually thinking of doing exactly the same as you - marrying a spare set of Revell AEW parts to a Fujimi SH-3H...

....but I'm not sure how successful home-printed decals would be in achieving the correct grey-on-grey contrast...

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Hey Andy,


Do you mean to do an Armada bird also?


If so, there are some Alps-printed decals on the market (I believe Series Espanolas?).  I was able to scrounge a set from a mate but I obviously haven't tried them out yet.  They appear a little opaque but do have all the warning stencils printed in Spanish.  I'll try out some other ALPS-printed decals to get used to the tecnique of using them but, I first have to BUILD the Sea King!


Just a thought; there sure doesn't look like very much room between the wall and console for the co-pilot/second systems operator to get by when moving from the cockpit to the console! 


My understanding is that the co-pilot (left seat in helicopters) has to assist with flying during landings and take-offs but then moves to the console during operations.  The third crew member stays at the consoles left station during all phases of flight, unless eating some chow or relieving himself!


O.K., let's coordinate on this project, I'll keep in touch!





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