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L/F Astra Decal Sheet ASD7201 48th FW F-15

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Thanks for the reply, I would like to build F-15C 84-0014 from the 493rd FS.  In 1999 after returning from Allied Force it briefly carried both and Iraqi and Serb flag kill marking till the kill was denied and removed.  The Astra sheet has both the Iraqi and Serb flags.  As well as the correct 493rd markings for that period 1999-2002


If you could be of any help that would be great and much appreciated .




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I'll have a look for them in the decal dungeon and see what's left. I do remember i built both a C and an E from a combination of this and a Two bobs sheet. From memory I found the Astra decals were very stiff and difficult to settle so I'd use twobobs or another source for as much as possible if I was you. I'll be back later when I know whats there.

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4 hours ago, roym said:

Hi again Robert.


I have a partial and a full. The partial is all yours but check here first if it has what you need. It is missing the fin stripes.




For the bits you need this might help...





The partial sheet would work just fine ! 



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