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Hand Crank on Side of Bf-109G-6/AS?

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On my Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-6/AS, there is a part numbered I80 which looks like a hand crank adjacent to the machine guns on the right hand side of fuselage.  The part is identified as optional, but doesn't give any indication of what the part my be or be for.  Does anyone have a clue what this part is?

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47 minutes ago, Shadrik said:

That would probably be the hand crank for the inertia starter.


Edit: Had a quick look in the instructions, it is indeed the crank for the starter.


Wow, fantastic, THANK YOU!!  I actually found a video, showing, in present day, 2 guys manually rotating that crank, while hearing the flywheel spinning up faster and faster, heating an increasing pitch to a whining sound.  It appears that once that flywheel reached a certain mimimum required angular velocity (it was not clear how those gentlemen turning the crank knew they had reached the required velocity), they stopped turning the crank, the crank pulled away from the fuselage, and maybe 10 seconds or so later, the prop started to spin along with smoke belching from the exhaust pipes.  What was even more interesting was that it appeared that the 2 guys were either needed to turn the crank at first, or perhaps made it easier to turn, and as the velocity increased, one of the 2 guys stopped assisting and left only one to complete the process of turning the crank prior to completing the evolution.  



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