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Phantom egg "over easy" 8th Tactical Fighter Wing

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When brousing and researching my other projects I occasionally saw these neat egg planes. After five strait 1/48 aircraft builds I was getting in a rut looking for something on the fun lighter side. I looked at the egg planes in more depth and was surprised that Hasagawa was producing them. 


I started with a F-4 Phantom I saw at a local hobby shop.



The kit is super basic so immediatly I was thinking of ways to kit bash it and change it up.



I started with the cockpit cutting out the pilot and sorting through my stash of spare cockpit parts to see what would work for a new tub, seat and controls. 


Note so when I was almost finished last week I stumble onto a website https://retrokitonline.net/ that makes detail cockpit kits, landing gear and exaust cans for all the egg planes. Not so good thing is the developer is pretty much sold out and says he has to redo his master moulds wont be back in production until next year.



So the front of the egg models is around 1/48 scale the wings and tail are around 1/72. So I was able to fit in two 1/48 seats. And yes I  know those are not phantom seats.


I also want to have the cockpit open so I am cutting it up and tweaking it.

20200914_222122-338x450.jpg 20200914_231154-338x450.jpg 20200916_072608-600x450.jpg



The air intakes were blocked so I cut them to open the intake and reformed them to the intake fans. More spare parts from the stash.

20200917_211942-600x450.jpg 20200917_215711-600x450.jpg



Here I had to do something about the exaust cans I had plastic and PE afterburner diffusers so the plastic fit exactly after cutting out the bottom of the original.



The flaps were a no brainer and easy to cut out.




There are no panel lines or rivets so adding them with the aid of some photos gives a bit of a guide but everything is so condensed you just have to have fun with it.




After some filling sanding and primer coat its time to map out the camouflage.



I decided to go with a Vietnam era phantom using the proper FS colors for the Phantom.



Tan brown over pre shading 



Mid green 



Dark green



Remove all masking






Metalic areas were painted and shaded.



1/72 McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II in Vietnam war Decals from print scale decals.




I think ill do the markings for 8th Tactical Fighter Wing.



Thanks for looking more to come when decals are on and model is finished.


Weathering, satin coat and decals on.





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