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So Macho it hurts - an older Monogram El Camino!

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As most of you know, when an old ‘70s kit gets repopped, I get pretty excited. That’s because, even though I love the old ones, they’re not easy to find, and I’d say about half of my “retro” car collection is reissues. However, sometimes I do get lucky, and I find an original, or an older reissue. That means that when the new repop comes along, I don’t have to worry about finding one, or at least finding one right away. 🙂


A perfect example is the Monogram (now Revell) 1/24 1978 El Camino. This was just reissued as a 3-in-1 kit, a repop of the “Lowriders” version, I believe. However, I have an earlier variant, the second of these kits to be issued, the El Camino Camper. The new kit has all these parts and some extras, but I think it’s instructional to check out the source material when you can.


So, take a gander and all the late-70’s custom-cowboy-streetness you can handle below! Then you can decide if the new one is of interest too!





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