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Iwata Eclipse CS Black Ops Commando Signature Series HP CS

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To add if whatever cleaner you use destroys the finish as said above that finish should NOT Be on there. But since this is an anodized finish, it is the finish ..... Therefore nothing should affect it.....

As for the HP-CS, which this is, it is a ROCK SOLID Airbrush. I use mine all the time. While it does not get the finest of lines with the .35 Nozzle it will produce some tight patterns with the crown cap removed, proper thinning, air pressure and some practice. You can't go wrong with it that's for sure...I have had the HP-CS in my lineup for about 10 years now and have had no issues. It's very easy to clean and maintain. As of now a plus is you can buy parts like needles and nozzles at Hobby Lobby and last time I did the 40% was still good for parts. If you could still get the AB at 40% off I'd buy a couple more...Yes it's that good.

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A friend has 2  black ops Eclipse airbrushes and the Eclipse is one of if not the best in the business . I own 2 regular Eclipse airbrushes and like was said you can't go wrong with them. Only draw back to these signature series brushes is the coating on them (appears to be some kind of industrial grade powder coating) . They look great and the coating is like I said, industrial and hard as cement but hard to get paint off of unless you use denatured alcohol.  Well good luck

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