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De-militarized Batmobile

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Hey everyone


Here's my latest side project - the BM V SM Batmobile - without the guns and in a more fun paint scheme.

I bought this a few years ago with this idea in mind to turn it into something less sinister and more interesting. I was going to do it in red and black, but I felt the metallic blue was better. I've always liked the basic shape of the Batmobile but prefer it without all the fenders and guns - and the roof.

Anyways, it was just a fun build - except for the rear wing: that was a nightmare to get on. Oh, and ET cement ran right down the inside of the windscreen as I was putting it in, so I had to sandpaper it all out and then get is clear again - which I think I did a pretty good job of doing















Excuse the dust that managed to get on the surface right before I photographed it.
Anyway, that's it but as always, thanks for looking

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That looks sweet! I just finished this kit, and it's crazy how the rear wings go together. First, it's crazy that they're built into the intakes, and the instructions aren't great at showing that. Second, once you get everything figured out, it's MIND-BOGGLING that it all goes together so straight and level. Yours looks great!

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OMG - those wing struts were horrendous! The instructions are as clear as mud regarding how they go in. I stupidly glued the interior to the body before I put the body on which made things even harder. In the end, I didn't add a couple of supports which in the end allowed for the installation of the wings. I got there in the end but man it was frustrating to say the least. Everything else had been easy to put together though.

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