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A-7A VA-147 Intake lip color for 68 cruise?

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I am in the final painting stages for my VA-147 Corsair II. I am building Modex 302 as seen on seaforces.org. It is the one with the CBUs and AGM-45 on the cat (pic Nº 17 from the top of the page). I noticed that for this cruise VA-147 had a different color than plain white on the lower, not complete half of the intake lip. It extends slighty into the intake but is also from the outside it extends a bit aft. Other Corsairs from VA-147 on that cruise have this as well. The problem is, I only found one blurry color pic but I cannot make out if it is grey, or kind of antenna cover yelloish grey or just a darker white.

Maybe somebody can shed some light onto that question?




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First I am not an EXPERT.  It is my understanding from folks that worked at LTV building the Corsair II, that the off color sections on the lip of the intake were a Radom Tan color. Again I’m no expert. I believe they were part of a early ECM Warning antenna within the lip of the Corsair II. 

In addition I checked my Detail & Scale book (A-7 CORSAIR II D & S Vol. 22 ISBN: 0-8306-8532-4) and it mentions that the ECM antenna is within the lip too. 


Hope this offers you some help.


Mr. Happy 





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The Wiki pic is known. Thanks.Mr. Happy that is my suspicion as well. There are actually two square panels on the 2:3 and 9:30 o' clock position of the intake which suggest the ECM application. I am just not sure if the panel ranging from about 4 to 8'o clock is the same.



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If I may, I think that dark tan/brown is actually Amlguard (a corrosion preventative compound that is dark tan/brown in color) on the intake lip.


In the above pic posted (VA-147 A-7A), the dark tan/brown looks to be amlguard.


Here is the cruise book for VA-147 68 cruise on the Ranger;




Some of the pictures show what looks to be amlguard applied.


In the pics posted on the Seaforces website linked in the OP post, it looks to be amlguard.


My experience with amlguard is that it's color was very close to Military Brown (FS 30117) but it was very translucent so if it was applied in a thin coat over a white background it would appear to be tan. Amlguard could be brushed on or sprayed, the application on the A-7 intake appears to be sprayed on (masked off).


Amlguard was applied to help prevent water intrusion and prevent corrosion on naval aircraft operating in the SEA area due to the hot humid air played havoc on the aircraft avionics in addition to causing numerous corrosion issues.

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