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RA-5C Vigilante / Stencils - Chaff/ Flare

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Dear all,


I‘m about to complete my Trumpeters 1/72 Vigilante.

It will represent an RVAH-11 bird during their 1972 cruise with Constellation.

I checked a my references (Ginter, Warpaint, Aerofax, Osprey) as well as a lot pictures I found in the internet.

But for me it appears that the available stencils  are either incomplete or incorrect.

I’m aware about the fact that some stencils might have been omitted during a planes service live.

Does someone has further information about stencils carried by Vigilantes?


I’m also unsure about the colour of the chaff/ flare launcher.. On some aircraft it seems that they have been painted red, other pictures suggest that it was black or dark grey.

Can someone help with information?


Any information will be highly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance and best regards



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As state above the chaff/flare "buckets" are black however, it was common in the 60/70/early 80's for squadrons to paint the exposed side of the bucket the squadron color for easy identification.*




VA-82 - Blue

VA-86 - Orange

VF-41 - Red

VF-84 - Yellow


So you can either paint the bucket black or whatever the squadron color, your choice.


* Loaded buckets (called built up buckets) were stored in the "chaff/flare locker" down below the flight deck, all squadrons stored their buckets in the same space so to facilitate quick identification of who's buckets were who's squadrons would paint the "tops" with the squadron color and also stencil the sides with the squadron designator (in the squadron color). Usually the squadron would "build up" enough buckets for the flight schedule so when it came time to reload the aircraft you didn't have to "build" the bucket in the middle of the flight schedule, all you had to do is run down to the locker and grab how many buckets you needed for the next flight. After the flight schedule was over, one of the junior ordnanceman would "re-build" all the buckets for the next days flight schedule (which beats doing daily's/cleaning ejector feet/busting rust).




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Dear all,


finally my Vigilante made it across the finish line and I want to thank all those who contributed to my project.

Here you can find some pictures of the completed modell as well as some pictures from the construction phase:




Some Details to the accesoires used:


- Kit: Trumpeter
- Wheels: ResKit
- Pitot/ AOA: Master
- Intakes: XMM
- Etched parts: Eduard
- Nozzles: Aires (for Phantom but fit the Vigi too)
- Ladder: F4Models
- Decals: Superscale
- Propeller for Fotoflash Pod: Scratch (with lathe)
MD3 Tractor:
- Tractor and towing bar: Fujimi
- Tie down chain (on tractor): Infini
- Decals new designed by Arctic Decals (the Fujimi decals are to thick) additional Stencils have been added.
The Trumpeter kit itself is awful and it has been written a lot about its drawbacks but the overall shape seems to be ok.
I hope you like the result!
Finally I want to thank all those folks around which are taking walk around pictures and sharing them with us!
Without you support scale modelling would be much more difficult!
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