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2021 Thunder over Michigan airshow, Aug 7 & 8 2021

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The announcements have started for the 2021 airshow. This show will be a drive in format and while be split into a morning and evening show. Tickets are good for either the morning or the evening. 


 The theme will be "Mitchell Madness' and , not surprisingly, the theme aircraft will be the B-25 Mitchell. They are hoping for one of the largest gatherings ever.


I will update this list as I get more updates.

All B-25's will be labeled in Green

New additions are in Red



Airbus A-400 - Luftwaffe ( Both Shows)

Boeing B-17 "Yankee Lady"- Yankee Air Museum

Fairchild A-10 - USAF Demo (afternoon show only)

General Dynamics F-16 - USAF thunderbirds (afternoon show only)

Lockheed C-130 Demo - USN Blue Angels( morning show only)

Lockheed F-35A Demo - USAF ( morning show only)

McDonnel-Douglas F/A-18E - USN Blue Angels ( morning show only)

McDonnel-Douglas F/A-18G Growler - USN (Legacy Flight) (X3) (Both Shows)

North American B-25D "Rosies' Reply" (formerly Yankee Warrior)- Yankee Air Museum

North American B-25H "Barbie III" - Cavanaugh Flight Museum

North American B-25J "Berlin Express" - EAA

North American B-25J "Betty's Dream" - Dakota Territory Air Museum

North American B-25J “Champaign Gal” - Champaign Aviation Museum

North American B-25J "Devil Dog" - Commemorative Air Force

North American B-25J "Georgia Mae" - Wiley Sanders

North American B-25J "Georgie's Gal" - Liberty Aviation Museum

North American B-25J “Show Me” - Commemorative Air Force

North American B-25J “Miss Mitchell” - Commemorative Air Force

North American B-25J “Panchito” - Delaware Aviation Museum

North American B-25J “Show Me” - Commemorative Air Force

North American B-25J "Super Rabbit" - Brent Hisey

North American B-25J "Take-off Time" - Tom Duffy

North American B-25J "Wild Cargo" - Military Aviation Museum

North American B-25J “Yankee Doodle" - tri-State Warbird Museum

North American PBJ-1 (B-25J) “Semper Fi” - Commemorative Air Force

North American B-25J “Sandbar Mitchell” - Warbirds of Glory Museum (parts display only, aircraft under restoration)

North American B-25J “Yellow Rose” - Commemorative Air Force (possibly)

North American P-51B "Old Crow" - Jack Rousch

North American P-51D "Gentleman Jim" - Jack Rousch

North American P-51D "Cininnaty Miss" -Tri-State Warbird Museum

Raytheon T-6 Texan II- USAF (X4)

Vought F4U-4 Corsair "Korean war Hero" (Legacy Flight)



Beechcraft T-44c (King Air) - US Navy (X2)

Bell UH-1H "Greyhound"- Yankee Air Museum

Douglas C-47 "Hairless Joe"- Yankee Air Museum

North American T-28- Roger Babb

North American T-6D- Bob Pinkston

North American T-6D- Lou Feldvary

Vultee Valiant - Bruce Koch




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