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1/350 TOS Enterprise build...revisited.

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Here is my personal 1/350 Enterprise build. I had to dismantle and remove some electronics to complete another build for a friend. However, Now it's back to it's former glory and then some! Paint. The model was originally airbrushed a custom mix of colors(If you are boring like me and want the model to reflect the actual filming miniature, you have to mix the paint...it can't be obtained from a rattle can), The Original paints were Tamiya and model Master. The repairs were addressed with Tamiya and Vallejo Paints, Again, Airbrushed. Grid Lines(UGH!!!). This is an original release so I had to fill in and sand smooth those horrid, way out of scale, ugly grid lines! I did it to the point where you can just make out the faint existence of the lines upon close viewing...as it should be for a model of this scale. Lighting... Originally I used the Polar Lights lighting kit. However I found it not to my liking so I basically tore it down and built my own lighting rig. Special attention was given to the engine lights. I wanted them to replicate the original Miniature's effect as close as possible. As it was seen during the series. The fan blades can spin as fast or as slow as I like. They are wired to a potentiometer and my front defector dish housing is removable to access the control.. The internal lighting was toned down a bit...if the crew needs to walk around the ship with welders goggles, your lighting is way too bright! Weathering... Accomplished with Air brush, paint brush, pastels, pencils, paper towel, tissue, my finger and my Shirt! To put my money where my mouth is, I included footage of the real 11' Miniature with my model on my kitchen table. I also included a SPFX clip of the model in space. I find videos are better to view the lighting and engine effects...they are what you see.






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