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GWH Su-27 UB intake color callout ???

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Hey folks, looking at the instructions for the new 48th Flanker kit at the Hobby Search site. GWH has you paint the inside of the intakes FS33531 sand. Is this right???? Doesn't jive with anything I've read but there isn't that much on Su-27 intake colors  🙂 

Can anyone confirm or deny this color callout?


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Hmm, depending on light it looks sand and/or grey, https://flic.kr/p/LKc75X


But then, apparently at least some are grey, https://flic.kr/p/r812Pz


And what's up with this one's intakes, leather brown? https://flic.kr/p/PAeL7A


--> Oh, do keep in mind that if any of these photos are other variants mislabeled as UB, I won't know that, modern jets aren't really in my knowledge base..


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50 minutes ago, Kasatka said:

I answered once on this question here 




OK, I misspelled it. From production, they were unpainted.During overhaul, they should be sprayed gray or in the color of the bottom surfaces. But it depends on the factory.

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The funny thing about russian stuff is that "standard" is not really as you would presume. I suspect some flankers are left with the protective primer (some sort of yellowish and dull zinc chromate paint), others are painted some sort of grey either at the factory or during overhauls...


For my flanker I used a fs26440 grey, that has a slight yellowish hue. Correct or not, there must be (or have been) some flanker painted that way, somewhere :)

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