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Iraqi Mig-29 during 1st Gulf War

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Looking for some information about Iraqi Mig-29’s during the 1st Gulf War. I was looking for 1:48 decals and the only set I have been able to locate are the Linden Hill Iraqi Airforce sheet. Any others?  Some photos on google show a grey on blue grey scheme, while most illustrations show blue grey and pale green. Which is it?  I would like to do an airframe that tried to fight, would it have carried drop tanks? If so 1 or 3?  I know the Mig-29 has short legs, so I am thinking the centreline tank for sure, unless shown otherwise. What about weapons load out?  I could also be persuaded to do a Syrian airframe over Lebanon, if I were given some guidance on how they looked. 





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My best reference source is Iraqi Fighters by Sadik & Cooper  2008.    It has some info pertinent to your questions:

*  color  was light gray (FS 26373)  and gray-green (FS 35352)

*  standard armament configuration was two each R-27R (inboard) and R-60MK (outboard)

*  it makes no positive statement about drop tanks, but none of the photos or artwork show them.    Since it was utilized as an interceptor, it probably could correctly be shown with one centerline tank or without any external tanks.

*  For decals there is the Linden Hill sheet which you mentioned (that is what I plan to use for my build) and a very old Colorado Decals sheet 48.99.  Check Hannants site, I seem to recall that there may be a Begemot sheet that has Iraqi Mig-29 on it, but I'm not sure.


Enjoy your build.

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