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Any ideas to simulate the formation lights?

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That link won't work, so it seems but if you copy and past in the eBay search window, you should be able to find it.


The trimmable sheets work


It'll take some thinking and patience.  This is from a stalled project where the buyer backed out.  I tried fluorescent paint with a UV LED behind it, didn't care for it. I ultimately decided on electroluminescent sheets that are cuttable/trimmable.  They are powered by a 9VDC battery but with an AC inverter. 


I cut a slit to slide the strip onto the model and planned on hiding any ugly edges with a photo-etch strip superglued in place.  The retrofitted slime lights on the F-4's I worked on were raised above the regular surface of the aircraft skin so it would be scale in appearance. 


I had not decided yet whether I would need a separate circuit for each light (four on each side) and I hadn't determined how to do the wingtips either.


But the effect is authentic and accurate.


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Hasegawa Phosphorescence Finish (Green)



Hasegawa Phosphorescence Finish (Blue) (Material)


Scroll down to see what it looks like on a Eurofighter model:



Hasegawa Flourescent Yellow Finish


Looks good on this Japanese F-2:


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McFly, I came up with another possible inexpensive solution.  I often dabble with watchmaking and sometimes have to re-apply lume to the hands or the the hour markers.  The glow-in-the-dark powder is mixed with a white glue medium and when dry, is luminescent when charged up in room lighting, daylight or especially when UV light is applied to it.  It's relatively inexpensive and can be bought off of eBay®. 


There are different brands and some come with pre-filled applicators. 


There are also different colors.  I usually use just the standard green but it seems to match the color of the strips when not in use very nicely.  Easily applied and charge it up with a hand-held UV light (or sunlight or a lightbulb) and voila!  You have working slime lights!



watch lume 05b small.jpg

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