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Model aircraft jigs

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Greetings all,

I've been searching these for quite some time now but, haven't bought one yet. I'm looking for feedback, and recommendations of what model to purchase, from those of you who own and use them. I think they would come in very useful for my current 1/48th S-3 builds and for future ones as well.

Looking forward to your feedback boys, thanks.


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I use cardboard boxes cut in a way to reduce contact points depending on what I'm building. Useful especially when painting our mounting landing gears. Also lets me pick it up and move it around without needing to touch the model itself. Not as spiffy as the Amazon version, but it was made out of Amazon shipping boxes...☺️

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On 11/16/2020 at 12:18 PM, Dafixer said:

Which one did you buy? 

I got this one off of Amazon.

I'll give it 4-stars when I do rate it.

It's laser etched, and my son had to cut the pieces out as the burn wasn't deep enough.

Otherwise I am very happy with it.



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I have the same one from Amazon.  The idea is great.  Unfortunately, the execution is not that great.  The laser did not cut through the wood in many places.  When I tried to cut the pieces out with an x-actor knife, the wood splintered since it's plywood.  Lots of sanding required.  Mine didn't even come with any hardware; no nuts, no bolts, no washers.

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