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F-4 "Phantom" in 1/48 additional sets by KirRey

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Greetings to all. There has recently been a new add-on maker for the 48 Kirrey scale.
The manufacturer specializes so far on the F-4 "Phantom" model.

Here are its products, I think it will be interesting for fans of this car:

1. Air intakes for models from different manufacturers:


KR 001 contain.jpg

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Hi all. It`s my first message in this forum. Thanks for my friend Edward (Katran) for encouraging me to take this step and introducing my products to the ARC community.

Being a fan of Phantom, I started 1 year ago development of aftermarket line for this jet.

Now I can offer air intakes, nozzles, cockpits and some other detail. Except for the ones already mentioned i worked about cockpit for new ZM F-4E.

The main difference of new set will be the presence of the front landing gear bay made together with the main part of the cockpit.

Like many enthusiasts i worked along and desire to do more is ahead of my capabilities...

Thanks you for attention to my products. I hope that it will help build more realistic model and make process much satisfying.

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Easily installed with the kit`s front wheel bay of other manufacturers bay (although I'm developing a LG bay for Hasegawa, Academy and ZM),

By construction main part of cockpit has no casting "brick" and install without problem.

For Academy kits necessary cut area in top side around cockpit in kit fuselage.

Overall - any sanding. I call it "flex install".


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Just now, agelos2005 said:

When we will be able to use PayPal?

For the purchase, please contact me directly in a personal message, we will discuss everything there. PayPal is. Oleg (KiRRey) still conducts all operations through me. In the future, he himself will start working directly. Edward (Katran)/

If you want to buy elsewhere, now the products are available at https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/category/AIR12345678/AC48U/maker/KIRR.html.
In the near future it will appear in one more, but the sets have not been sent yet.

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On 11/15/2020 at 1:14 AM, KIRREY said:

Strangely, everyone started to get interested for the cockpits. But the air intakes have excellent accuracy and become perfect. When building Hasegawas F-4, they are simply irreplaceable.

No wonder. These air intakes are also manufactured by DMold, XMM and RhinoModels, and they are all of high quality

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