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1/48 Hasegawa F-16D or Kinetic F-16D....

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I would like to find a good build comparison between the Has. and Kinetic F-16D kits. Both kits look good in the box, but I'm not sure which one is better.


Has anyone built both kits and can give a good rundown of both builds?


I think the Kinetic is better detailed, but has fit problems(?).


How is the detail on the Hasegawa?


I have built 4 Tamiya Vipers and want to build the two-seater now.


What's the consensus on these two kits?








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I’ve built both manufacturers two holers.. here’s my very condensed summary. For more surface detail, landing gear, gear wells and extras like ordnance, then Kinetic. For a slightly better, cleaner fit and ease of assembly, then Hasegawa.

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Hasegawa is easier to build but with much less surface detail, no weapons, a very basic cockpit, and a wall in the intake. That said, Kinetic has major fit problems and the nose shape is a no-go for me (even the corrected one doesn't look right). 


If this is a dream build, I would use the Tamiya as a base, Aries cockpit, and get the Hasegawa for the canopy and CFT's if that is what you're building. I did an F-16D with that method (build in my signature). The only reason I'd touch the Kinetic kit would be for the ordnance. 

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I finished a Hasegawa F-16A in October. I enjoyed it. I'm making a Kinetic F-16B now. I'm not enjoying it. When I'm done, the Hasegawa one will look better because of the nose and being a much better and more cleanly moulded kit.



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The Hasegawa F-16D builds up into a nice model out of the box, by adding some aftermarket parts you can make it special. 


Aires cockpit, exhaust, Steel Beach details/intake FOD cover

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