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CH-113 Labrador external details

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Hello, I have a query for canadian Labradors experts.


I'm putting the finishing touches to a model of the CH-113 in its initial delivery colors and I got curious about the strange aerials just behind the cockpit. Those on the left are simmetrical and can be seen in the first few years of service (late '60s - early '70s) while the strange plate came later and I think is only on the left side (on the right there would be the cabin door in the same position).

The first set is already identified being a common set for SAR duties in the early years, though the one on the right is quite obscure. Anybody knows what it is and how it worked?


Labrador aerials


Again speaking about details, what is that black vent(?) in the rear pilon? No other V-107 incarnation has it and it disappeared together with the above aerials when the fleet was upgraded and repainted in yellow in 1981.


Labrador vent


Thanks a lot for any reply!


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I wonder if the second photo is an antenna similar to what was used on the UH-34. Maybe a way for Canadian SAR to communicate with US forces???



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Thank you for your contributions, they stimulated further research and I drew the following conclusions based on observation of images and snippets of info found here and there:

  1. the first image is for the SARAH system receiver. As suggested by @Da SWO  it was a direction finding device used to locate the target during SAR missions. It was later replaced by a set of whip aerials under the belly.
  2. The second image depicts an HF aerial for long distance communications. It is completely unrelated to the first one, it replaced the initial long wire aerial on the left side and after a short spell the third incarnation was the 'towel rail' aerial so characteristic of the Labrador and Voyageur.

Just when I was doing the umpteenth google search I found this page were everything is very well explained in word and pictures:




Well, at least I was not wrong 🙄



Now there is still that black vent in the rear pilon. I checked hundreds of images but it seem a peculiarity of just the early Labrador, no other V-107 has it.

Really strange!

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