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USS Florida, SSGN 72

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I finished my USS Florida a few months ago.

This was my first model after 10 plus years. Testors kit I found at a garage sale. The kit is a SSBN, but I wanted to make it a SSGN.

I bought DDS/SDV's, stand and nameplate via Shapeways, and a G-factor brass prop (after breaking the kit part) off of eBay. I also used 1/72nd 7 shot rocket launchers ends to make cruise missile canisters (one fired, and one with missiles still in it.

The kit was on the shelf of doom, and I picked it thinking it would be an easy build, LOL.

Warped parts, and the missile hatches didn't want to fit into the silo openings, more sanding then I thought.  Lots of moving parts, from an era where moving parts/features trumped accuracy. The SDV's didn't fit all the way into the shelters, so I have both of them partial extended. I also found (after finishing the model) a photo showing a slight bulge where the deck had been widened (for the DDS) on the real thing.

Lots of room for improvement, but it's displayed in my wife's office and I am finishing my next build.






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