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1/48 Revell B-17G with Cheyenne tail turret - clear instructions?

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I have the Revell B-17G clear boxing that comes with both crew and the cheyenne tail. The instructions however are not too clear on the assembly of the cheyenne tail mod.¬†ūü§Ē


Does anyone have a build, build thread, instructions or similar that shows well how this is intended to be for this kit please? 

This has been holding me back from building this kit for some years, but feel the kit is growing on me and would like to start it soon ūüôā


All input appreciated 




Best regards 

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the promodeller kit is ready out of the box, but it looks like you may need to chop the clear edition as it seems to be the stinger tail out of box. Betweentht image in the instruction sheet I provided and the diameter of the turret face, you can probably get it pretty close. 



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22 hours ago, Niels said:

One more thing; is the promodeler issued with the staggered waist windows? Can't tell from the instructions? 

Nope. All of the Monogram/Revell 1/48th B-17's had standard waist windows. Some surgery will be needed if you want staggered, but it can be done, I did it years ago on one of my builds.



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