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New Tool 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet Announced

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This is good news I think. I only have one Hasegawa E and one Growler in 1/48th. They are hard to find locally as none of my LHS carry Hasegawa. I have to order on line. Meng is available by the bucket load. Also the Meng kit may be a bit cheaper?

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I believe that the "Strike Fighter Tactics instructor" plane is from the Top Gun movie...? The national insignia on the fuselage has a strange shape to it... Also, no "NAVY" on the rear fuselage.


That's Hollywood for ya...




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It looks like they simply copied the Revell incorrect TOPGUN II markings. Or they did really bad imaginary research... wrong font for modex and flap numbers, the national insignia is the ‘imagined’ Revell one to look more like the movie stylized TOPGUN title, and they are using the 1970’s TOPGUN badge. They should have copied the correct Fightertown Decals markings...but 95% of the modelers out there won’t care about those details. 



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That is pretty cool...One of the projects I am working on is with now retired CAPT James "Mouth" McCall. For once, I am looking forward to a Monday. 


And yeah, this has moved to "must buy" status. If they come out with a foxtrot in the markings when Stuff was the Skipper, I will lose my mind. CAPT Jason "Stuff" Denney is currently my boss as the Program Manager at PMA-265. He is a two time Diamondback, first as a nugget when they still had Tomcats, and then did his XO/CO tour there with Superhornets. Both are pretty awesome folks - and scary smart.


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5 hours ago, JeffreyK said:

Does anyone have references for the new type nose gear door?

I take this Metallic Details part is still the old type?





No thats the older type. The newer one has a lattice pattern on the inner side of the three doors that hang vertically. Actually I've been looking at some reference pictures and there are combinations of this type of door in the link you posted with the other doors that have the newer style too. I guess as alway try and find pictures of the exact aircraft you're thinking of building.

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1 hour ago, Dave Williams said:

I sense the beginning of another red marker slap fight of which is the better kit.  For myself, I’m glad to have the option of another 1/48 Super Hornet kit.


If you like your Hasegawa Super Hornet kit, you can keep our Hasegawa Super Hornet kit.

Lets not jump the gun, its stil! Civil. However, the meme potential for a marker slap fight 😉

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1 hour ago, flybywire said:

from those pictures alone, so far, are they better or worse than Hasegawa?

You can click on the comparison views given by Solo, just above.

His pics are macro, so you can easily catch the difference.


Panel and rivet lines are exactly the same.

Better rendered details on the Hasegawa.

Panel and rivet lines are more refined on the Hasegawa, but Meng ones are pretty good.


So at this point, the kit is not as good as the Hasegawa, but is really good because you've got to know the a/c and the HAS kit to spot the difference.


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