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Trump/48 scale Grumman HU-16A Albatross

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Contemplating getting this kit within the next couple of months (when I can find one at a reasonable price), and have a couple of questions....

other than what errors have been discussed about the Trumpeter 1/48 scale Hu-16 Albatross (forward fuselage boat chine that Alley Cat (?)

didn't correct), what modifications would be necessary to turn a HU-16A into an HU-16B? 

Other than extending the wingspan four feet per side(I was thinking maybe, using balsa airfoil shaped inserts for the extensions),

what other modifications would be necessary?

Would be interesting to see what would need to be done to accomplish such a modification/conversion.


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Here’s the major stuff:

  • the wing, in addition to being longer has a cuffed leading edge
  • the horizontal stabilizer is larger
  • the vertical stabilizer is larger
  • you have to replace the kits Twin row engines with 9 cylinder Wright R-1820’s
  • the kit canopy doesn’t look anything like an SA-16
  • you’re correct that Alley Cat didn’t fix the chine

PM me on what you think is a reasonable price for the kit and the Alley Cat fix.



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Thanks for the reply. Its something I've "considered" doing when I get the kit, the engine change would be a simple matter of using a pair

of either Revell or Monogram B-17 kit engines, or any of the AM resin engine sets that are available....that is, IF I don't just build it as an 'A' model

and use the Caracal decal sheet I've got for it.


And since the Alley Cat conversion didn't really fix anything, other than provide an additional window in the cockpit behind the pilot (that can be readily 'scratch' made by hand) that Trumpeter overlooked/forgot, I'm not really interested in it


I've seen the kit priced on E-Bay for as low as around $54.00(before shipping), to as high about $183.00(again, before shipping).

I would consider anything around $85.00-$90.00 (INCLUDING shipping) as being reasonable for the kit, since I'm on a fixed budget.


But as I said in my OP, I'm looking to get one in two or three months from now.

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