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1/48 - Piasecki H-21C Flying Banana Gunship by Italeri - released

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21 hours ago, HeavyArty said:

It looks nice.  It isn't really a 'gunship" though.  It is a standard troop carrier with a door gun.  Gunships have fixed, forward firing guns to strafe a target with, like UH-1B/C Gunships.

Option A and B are troop carriers. The “first” gunship was the Alouttee III during the Overseas War. That had a fixed heavy gun side mounted. This boxing also has what looks like a 20mm included fixed in the side door. If you look at the 1/72 gun ship boxing (pg 6) while this kit doesn’t appear to the rockets, option C matches the fixed dual .30 cals are mounted on the outside of the nose landing gear. So I don’t think they are wrong with stating it a gunship, it’s just an early version of type.

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Not saying there were no H-21 gunships, but none of the 5 decal options shown are gunships.  The kit may contain gunship parts as well, but again, no gunship versions are shown.

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Not to hijack this thread, or change the conversation, but I've got the 'previous' aircraft issue of this kit, and am building 

it as an Edwards AFB rescue aircraft used during the X-15 test program.

But I've been stalled by one part in the kit....the COCKPIT CANOPY!

The kits canopy has a heavy ("armored"?) framing on the pilot's side, wouldn't be there for an aircraft that was stateside

and, wasn't being flown anywhere near a combat zone.... like Vietnam!

Does ANYONE know of a replacement canopy that's available with the 'normal' framing on the pilot's side?

Or, am I going to have to take the plunge (and I resist doing it too!)and sand that framing off and replace it with thin strip plastic

after polishing the canopy back to clarity(and hope I don't irreparably damage it doing so!)?

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