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Revell 1/96 Saturn V - Post move MoJo project

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Moved to a new state this year and now that I’m kinda settled in I’ve decided to take on a quick project to rekindle the MoJo. For the better part of the last three months I’ve been sorting through boxes and rediscovering old projects and items I’d long forgotten about. One of them was a box of parts from a Revell 1/96 Saturn V that I had started back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. It’s a perfect candidate.


I hadn’t gotten too far along before it was shelved, but 99% of the parts are there, and at the time I had invested in a New Ware detail set, so it’d be a shame to let that all go to waste. I don’t plan to try to correct all the flaws, but I’m shooting for a “MSFC display model” level of accuracy.  A nice model for the guest bedroom.


Getting Started on the S-IC and S-II

After sorting through and inventorying all the stuff I decided to replace the styrene wraps with tubing.  The wraps I have seem to have become brittle over the last two decades.  One had cracked and it really didn’t fit with my sensibilities to use those flimsy things anyway.  Ordered some 4.25” and 2.75” Plastruct ABS tubing on a Thursday evening and had in my hands the following Tuesday. First step was to cut the tubes to length and reduced their diameter by removing a strip to bring them down to the exact diameter to fit the styrene skirt cylinders. This was reasonably tedious, but the results turned out very nicely.



Cut the tube to length using masking tape as a guide.



Measure the needed circumference and transfer to the tube, again using tape as guide. I also used multiple strips of tape lengthwise to the tube to act as an edge for my razor saw.



Once the strip is removed the tube naturally closes in on itself. I then added two smaller rings to each tube end to act as a mounting flange for the Revell rings and to help circularize the tube. (With the material removed it doesn’t close up in a perfect circle, more like a big circular heart shape. The extra rings help to even out the curvature.)



Completely rebuilding this one from scratch.  I had destroyed the forward and aft rings when I was attempting this build earlier.  Construction was much the same as before, cut the tube to length and removed a strip to bring it down to the needed diameter.  Added some internal rings and bulkheads for support.  I’ll be attaching tank and thrust structure details to these.



All the S-IVB parts



All the stages.



Here's everything all stacked.  Even at 1/96th scale it’s still pretty impressive.

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S-IVB - adding stringers

Followed Rick Sternbach's lead again and used Evergreen corrugated sheet to replicate the stringers.  I'm not sure if the counts are perfect, but it looks the part. The tank dome is from the original kit. It was removed from the ring, sanded smooth and styrene details added.  



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CSM/BPC - preliminary work

Decided to use a piece of 1.25" PVC pipe to replicate the service module.  The outer diameter is 1.66" which is a direct match.  It will provide a smooth worry-free surface to apply all the exterior details. I'll be using the New Ware photo-etch obviously but I think I'm going to also print a new aft SMS heat shield and nozzle.  Still working out those details.





Revell/Heller CSM junkyard.


I'm also going to try to create a vac-formed BPC that will fit directly over the Revell CM.  I have plenty of spare CM parts on hand so I made this plug out of one of the derelict ones.  I'll pull a few cones and likely detail one out with styrene bits and whatnot.  Waiting on a new Shop-Vac to arrive so I can get my ghetto vacuum former operational.





Sanding after first application of Tamiya white putty.  This stuff shrinks a lot after curing so I had to do two more applications to get a smooth surface.


S-IC - adding details

Started added in the details to S-IC.  The idea of cutting out holes for all those holdout parts made me feel a little a squeamish, so I called an audible.  Used the Silhouette to cut a few replacements and presto I now have an approximation to "tie-downs".  Looks reasonable and will certainly be easier to paint when the time comes.



Lazy man's S-IC tie downs.

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