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By JOVe! Grumman's toothy Mohawk JOV-1A

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So sad to hear of the loss of your friend; glad to see you are back, and I hope your health keeps improving.


Amazing work as always; surely those seats will put the aftermarket ones to shame.


Thank you, Chuck, for sharing.

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Thanks, Dave - that's my goal- to promote and help people enjoy our wonderful obsession with gluing and painting! 😉


Gracias, Carlos- I appreciate the sentiment.  As for the seats, here's a teaser.  Hint: I've already had to revise them!


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There's a bit of a curse in having lots and lots of reference on a build. I keep finding new things about the Mohawk, and have been figuring out some of the more shadowy ends as well. In spite of my soon-to-be corrected cataracts and relapsing vision problems I've actually gotten some stuff done!  Come along and see just what, won't you?





























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Excellent progress Chuck, those are very handsome seats; the detail on the inside of the windscreen will improve the overall look on that open canopy. I couldn't resist to re-read the build from the beginning.


Good luck with your treatment; my father got his cataracts corrected years ago; he was surprised by how much his vision improved because the deterioration is so slow.



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We'll be here when you wake up!  : )

Edit:  Actually I read you'll be awake the whole time and there's generally no discomfort.  But to think that you've been doing all these beautiful creations with poor vision -- wow!   Good luck on the procedure and looking forward to more pics : )

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On 11/3/2021 at 12:51 PM, chukw said:

Thanks, guys!  Got the drogue guns installed on the seats yesterday- will do some link rods today. Tomorrow is my first cataract surgery- wish me luck!

Wishing you the best for your surgery Chuck. Hope all goes well.


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Thanks, Steve.!  The surgery was a complete success. I was cleared today with no additional lens prescription, no taping a goggle over my eye at night, and no exercise restrictions- yay!  I haven't dome any modeling for the past week, but I have started a kit review for a companion to the Mohawk. Here's a work-in-progress sketch of the special guest host, my pal Andrew (Meeting Comics Neal's Namdroid!  Namdroid is a fictional '60s TV show-within-a-gag-comic, Andrew's hilarious, mature-themed Meeting Comics. I'll be posting a brief photo review of a nice little resin kit real soon- cheers!



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Oh there's a second surgery?  Hope it goes well.   Cool little truck!  How are the layer-lines on the 3D printed parts?    I'm observing your sketches -- with a hand like that you could actually use your talent working for those big comics companies drawing Captain America or Spiderman. 

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So, this is where you're posting now!  Excellent!  Missing all the modeling inspiration you give! 😄


I have my own Charlie Still Don't Surf fever raging right now.  New Cobras from ICM and today got more goodies for them.


Good thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery from the surgery.  Perfect eyesight would make an awesome Christmas gift!



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