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A Harassment of 1/72 Harriers

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My latest 3 harriers representing 800 Squadron (Royal Navy) Sea Harrier FRS.1 XZ499 (Fujimi), 1(F) Squadron (Royal Air Force) Harrier GR.3 XZ997/31 (Hasegawa) and & GR.3 XV789/32 (Fujimi) on the deck of HMS Hermes in May 1982.


Each is a different manufacturer and surprisingly the differences between the two GR.3’s is quite noticeable – especially the length of the nose.

The inspiration for the layout is a picture I looked at from in the Imperial War Museum archives (https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205190563) showing these aircraft (along with many others) crowing the deck of Hermes.


I added Model-Master pitot tubes, some Paveway II bombs from the Hasegawa armaments kits and scratch built the GR.3 intake covers and the tow bar attached to the FRS.1.  The GR.3’s are painted Dark Sea Grey and Dark Green using the Top Notch camouflage masks; the FRS.1 is Medium Sea Grey with Barley Grey on the underside of the wings and horizontal stabilizers.  All Gunze lacquer paints were used.  The FRS.1 access ladder is from an Eduard detail set – which has the tendency to fall apart as you’re bending to construct.  The deck is a USN carrier deck I have had for ages.


As with all harrier models it seems like getting them to sit properly on all four wheels is always a challenge.  In the past I’ve done the nose wheel and outrigger wheels first then adjusted the main undercarriage vertically after the original three had set – but the engineering of the main undercarriage of the Fujimi units did not allow that – which meant lots of filing and checking on the wheels to get it somewhat working.




























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