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1/48 Hasegawa AH-64D late block II build.

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Well, I’m finishing up finals this week and will have some time to work on a passion project of mine. I was an Apache Mechanic and Crew chief in the Army and deployed to Afghanistan 7/2010-7/2011. After that I was back in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor performing phase maintenance in 2012. 

I’m starting with this excellent looking kit and a few upgrades. The Aires cockpit looks pretty nice so far and the Eduard photo etch does too. There are a few issues with the accuracy of this kit though. Specifically with the engine nacelles and some of the other panels. Another issue is that we had late block II aircraft, and this kit is missing some of the upgrades that were done.


That’s me under the watchful eyes of a SGT learning to launch out aircraft. I would end up doing this close to a thousand times that year.


The most obvious component missing is the ASPI exhaust. I searched everywhere for the Has AH-64E that had these parts, but to no avail. So, my only real option is to make them myself. I’m collecting as many photos as I can from friends for reference, but I also have this.



The 1:72 Academy Lat Block II is fairly close to the real birds we had, with only a few issues. At least the ASPI exhausts appear to be correct. I can also make the proper M-TADS, CPG cockpit mods, CMWS, etc. I also noticed that the Academy kit has the ASPI exhaust, but keeps the ALQ-144 and it is missing a flare dispenser. Which is wrong.


This will probably be fairly slow, but I’m looking forward to starting on the exhaust 3D models. 

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On 5/29/2022 at 12:13 PM, arnobiz said:

There you go, prototype fresh out of the printer 😉. Full set should be available by end of next week, I'll post an announcement on BAM Models's ARC page 🙂





Very impressive. 

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27 minutes ago, Floyd S. Werner, Jr. said:

We'll see.  These look great and I ordered a set as soon as I heard of it.  Great job


I freaked out when I saw your order, I hope you like them!!

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