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32nd scale Decals and Accessories For Sale

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I have the following Accessories and Decals for sale. Prices in Canadian funds. Buyer to pay shipping. Payment via PayPal or EMT if in Canada. I am not looking for any trades right now.

Message me if you want pictures of anything specific.
Cutting Edge Modelworks 1/32 4x Aim-9D/G/H Sidewinders 2 sets $25 for both 1 missile from 1 set missing a front fin.
Scale Aircraft Conversions 32001A F-105 Landing Gear $10
Scale Aircraft Conversions 32001A F-105 Landing Gear $10

$5 ea
CAM 32-005 VF-74 F-4J Bedevilers
CAM 32-019 VF-213 F-4J Phantom II
CAM 32-019 VF-41 F-4J Phantom II
CAM 32-022 VF-111 F-4B Phantom II
CAM 32-060 F-4E Phantom II 388th TFW (34th TFS/468th TFS)
CAM 32-A002 1/32 General Purpose Stars and Bars
CAM 32-A002 1/32 General Purpose Stars and Bars
Black Magic CEBM32029 RF-4C Phantom Canopy Masks
Black Magic CEBM32031 F-4C/D/J Phantom Canopy Masks for Tamiya
Black Magic CEBM32007 F-4 Phantom II Walkways masks
Superscale 32-124 F/A-18C VFA-37 "Bulls"
Superscale 32-227 USMC F/A-18C Hornet VMFA-232
New Ware Masks NWAM005 1/48 F-4 Phantom II Masks for Academy Kit x 4 $5 ea set.

$10 ea
Albatros Modelworks 32-003 Thud Alley
Cutting Edge 32004 USAF F-4 C/D's & RF-4C's Southeast Aisa schemes #1
Cutting Edge 32047 F-105 Fancy Girls Part 2
Cutting Edge 32023 Mig-21 Fishbed Part 2
Eagle Strike 32019 Mig-17 Frisco Collection Part 1
Eagle Strike 32010 V.N. Warriors F-4E part I
Superscale 32-64 F-4E's 3rd TFW 1979 & 34th TFS/338th TFW "Bataan"

$15 ea
Two Bobs 32-027 US Air-To-Air Missile Markings AIM-9B/D/G/L/M
Two Bobs 32-028 US Air-To-Air Missile Markings AIM-7E-2/M

$25 ea
Fox One 32-002 Gunfigher F-4C Phantoms
Fox One 32-003 USMC F-4J Phantoms in VIetnam VMFA-212 Lancers & VMFA-333 Shamrocks
Fox One 32-004 8th TFW Wolfpack Phantoms
Fox One 32-006 USMC Phantoms In S.E. Asia Part 2 VMFA-334 Falcons VMFA-232 Red Devils
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