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Bandai 1/72 VF-1J

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Long time lurker, but I figured I would share.  Started in 2017 and put n hiatus for a couple of years until recently.  This will be build as a J model for now.



20170827_154021 20170827_155615 20170910_154544 20170910_154548 20170910_154548 20170910_154551 20170910_154555 20170910_154557 20170910_155600




Started back up in 2020




20201116_124544 20201116_125650


These were stripped and redone, will take pictures later.


20201116_124913 20201116_125657 20201116_125706







The paint scheme is a light gray/med gray with a slight metallic sheen *fingers crossed*  Something like the paint scheme for a F-15C.






20201121_153443 20201121_153449 20201121_153453 20201121_153459 20201122_153655





Second and third coats added

20201122_153706 20201122_153712 20201122_153715 20201122_153748



The finalized paint scheme will look something like this.  Leaning towards Version 2.




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I like both version 1 and 2 - maybe a combination of both. The dark grey over the canopy with the overall bulk dark grey of V1?

How about a tri-coloured splinter scheme reminiscent of a Viggen or even something from World of Warships (by that, I mean using a similar pattern layout)?

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This looks really great. Nothing better than a VF-1 with an alternate paint scheme. I'm really interested in seeing how it turns out.


I kind of lean towards the lighter schemes where fast packs are used because it makes a nice contrast. But really you can't go wrong. I've seen some wild builds and they never look bad.


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I was liking the blue plastic right up to the point you covered it in black paint.

then I was going ????  then the gray primer ?????


so are going to use Light Ghost Gray and Dark Ghost Gray like on the F-14 , F-15 and F-18 ???


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The black is the primer (Vallejo Gloss Black primer), the gray is the first color.  There will be a darker gray along with it much like the F-15.  The gray may look lighter then you might expect due to the metallic sheen added to it and it lightens the colors.  If nothing else, this is a great practice for future builds! 🙂

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This kit was originally done by Imai back in the day and it was the only way to do a 1/72 Super Valkyrie for the longest time. It also builds A LOT faster than the Hasegawa kit (which is technically more accurate, but a pain in the you know what due to the numerous seams in it). Very nice job based on what I am seeing.

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Still working on this build, just have not had the chance to take any pictures.  The painting is more or less done minus touch ups and I am not putting the sub assemblies together.  Putting in the clear inserts is a pain!  Took about 45 minutes to do the wings since the clear parts kept shooting out into the wild unknown of my workbench.   Also still need to work on the stand to display this build as an inflight Valk.

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