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B-2A Parked Control Surface Positons?

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I think I'm going to make life hard on myself and try to model the parked position of the AMP 1/144 B-2 I'm working on.  This seems to be pretty straightforward, but it seems there's often insight to be had from others on the boards, so I thought I'd check.  I'm seeing:


1. Auxillary engine inlet doors closed

2. Outboard ailerons/flaps split with top half slight up, bottom half full down (about 70 degrees)

3. Beaver tail slightly drooped (it seems very slight, I might leg this one go)

4. IFR receptacle closed


Any feedback on what I'm seeing?  I appreciate any feedback.

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Here's what I know-


1) definitely yes


2) definitely yes on the lower split rudder, I thought the upper came down to the faired position when hydro was off- but in 144 scale I would not mess with it


3) "beaver tail" on modern B-2's should be faired, drooped a bit for early b-2's


4) definitely yes - unless some schmuck steps on it!

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The attached photo is my one fairly clear reference.  The upper split aileron could be faired and the inboard flaps slightly drooped, but it looked to me like the upper was up just a touch.  Like you said, may not be worth it in 1/144 scale regardless.


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