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Color Matched Paints for USCG HH-60Js and HH-65s

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I found that I was unable to find any off the shelf paints that matched the appropriate Federal Standard paints that are used on contemporary US Coast Guard HH-60J and HH-65C helicopters.  Then I heard that Model Car World Automotive Finishes had purchased a complete set of FS paint chips and were using them to produce a new line of enamels.  If you aren't familiar, MCW have made a great line of pre-thinned lacquers for airbrushing that match almost any domestic car since 1950...plus a bunch of racing colors as well.  I've used their paints on some muscle car projects and loved how they sprayed...so I reached out to Mike and ordered some FS12197 for the HH-60J and FS12250 for the HH-65C.  I got lacquers because I think they're easier to get that "automotive" finish that USCG helos all have.  I think this might be the first/only time that either of these shades have been available to modelers.  A few weeks later and a box shows up on my doorstep with two bottles of each color in them.  I'm anxious to put them to use.



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Both shades are available 'off the shelf' in this range:




And also in this range: www.scalefinishes.com/FSgloss.html


FS12197 has certainly been available previously - MM, for instance...

I used a very old Compucolor tinlet for my UH-3H: 

I also have a couple of equally old Precision Paints tinlets...


Here in the UK, the shade is in the both the WEM Colourcoats and Hannants Xtracolor ranges:



Though it doesn't appear that the US stockists of either range currently have the colour available...


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Thanks for going to all the effort to prove my point.  Neither of these colors are widely available outside the UK.


 But there are always people who have a deep need to be "right" instead of just appreciating somebody trying to share something new.

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I special ordered them.  I also wanted mine in lacquer...which was more complicated than matching them in enamels.  You'll need to contact Mike about them, and how he wants to sell them.



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Cameron thanks for the information. Now I just need to locate. Some markings for air station Detroit in 1/48 and I will be good to go.

Thanks again


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Don't know what is available as pre-made decals, but they wouldn't be hard to make yourself.  From what I can tell, all it has is "DETROIT" in black on the tail above the fenestron, the USCG Detroit logo at the top, and whichever individual helo number you choose.  The rest of the markings are the standard ones on any MH-65D.





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Thanks for the logo and photo. I am looking to build HH65 B. It has the original nose and engines. The markings are similar. The B model has the logo at the top of the tail and is just a black out line no color. The Detroit has a old English D and the rest is in a similar style to the D. Thanks for the help. 



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