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Armory's 1:144 scale Su-24M (UkAF - digital camouflage)

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Season's greetings!
I hope all are well and having a merry happy festivity season.

Here are a few photos of the early stages of a Su-24M I am building using the Armory kit.

My impressions are a bit mixed, as I like the model, but it is not a straightforward build. My main complain are the fit between the canopy and fuselage (I slightly reprofiled the nose section to solve it) and the the fuselage sides that are not square with the top and bottom (I understand that they did this to make it easy to draw the part out of its mold, but the angle is very noticeable - I am simply filling it to be square and I plan to scribe some details later on).


The cockpit is very good (I only added some seat padding and harnesses) and its decals have some of the thinnest film I have ever seen.
To complete the cockpit I'll add a subtle light grey wash and close the canopy!



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Quick update:

The cockpit was completed after a subtle general acrylic wash, using a light grey color (I mixed Vallejo's Model Wash Light grey with white, as their light grey is still to dark for the cockpit color).



And after closing the canopy, the model was primed.



I'll try to engrave some detail of the fuselage sides (that was eliminated to square it up) and I hope to start painting it soon.



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Happy 2021!

The progress with my 1:144 scale Su-24M continues slowly. The drop tanks were completed and pinned to the pylons. I can dryfit and remove them in order to separately paint them.


Unfortunately, all the wheels parts are malformed (mostly from mold misalignment, but a few just with lots of flash). I press fitted them to a mandrel and turned them round using a small lathe.
I removed the minimal amount of material and kept similar wheels with the same diameter.


So here is the result of this weekend's work!


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