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SU-25A frogfoot exhaust cooling tubes

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Hi all

Does anyone know if SU-25A frogfoots were equipped with exhaust cooling tubes inside the engine nacelles with the large cooling air intakes as a field modification during the Afghan war to reduce their heat signatures to counter the stinger threat?  Or was it done as a field modification only to T8s that were sent to Afghanistan?

Any info appreciated

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No, there were none in Afghanistan.

The R-195 engines were used only on the T8-15 prototype, presented at the Paris air show in 1989, and on the BM version.
The last few Su-25s produced also had the ability to use these engines. But not used, and the rebuilding of the older version was abandoned

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Thanks for the info.  I asked because in my squadron signal book "SU-25 Frogfoot in action"publication 129, it shows a picture on the top left of page 11 showing the rear of the right hand engine with the additional chaff/flare dispensers on the top of the engine nacelle with the "stove pipe" looking cooling tube fitted and the photo caption reads -


"Because of the threat from stinger missiles in Afghanistan, the Frogfoot A was modified to both reduce the IR signature and to provide some self defence from these missiles.  A large cooling air intake was installed on the upper rear engine nacelle along with a smaller intake at the bottom of the nacelle.  A cooling tube was installed in the exhaust stream and ASO -2V chaff/flare dispensers were fitted to each side of the nacelle."

Son fact its a picture of a T-8-15 then?  Not a SU-25 Frogfoot A as it states?

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