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EDUARD I-16 TYPE 24 1/48

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This must be the worse Eduard kit I have ever assembled. The fuselage exhausts are not represented correctly for type 24 and there are no locating pins for the cockpit tub as well as instrument panel. The way is it shown on the instruction, no way in hell a pilot can see the instruments. So I add an extension rod so I can push it closer to the seat. Also added bracing rods.  The wing has horrible fit too. Must be an old release years and years ago? Dai 





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There are some issues with the accuracy of the kit but it is not that bad.


The main visual problem is behind the cockpit. The spine is to square and needs to be rounded.


have a look at various drawings here. This might help



here is my build



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Some more progress. The upper wing fit is poor and some sanding and shimming are needed. Fit of the cowl is also poor. As previously stated the fuselage exhausts don't look like any I-16 variants that I have seen. The instrument panel is moved closer to the seat than per instruction. Dai 



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