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Well, few years ago I found a photo  that captured me ... 




After some research I found out the story of this tank ...

It belonged to 5 th. (verstarkte) Police-Panzer-Company, an armored police unit (OrdnungsPolizei), mostly equipped with a T-34/76, which operated in Russia from 1942. It was reformed during spring 1944 when it also received T-34-76 model 43. In the summer of 1944 the unit was transfered to Udine ( Italy) where it operated in the OZAK (Operatioszone Adriatisches Kùstenland - Adriatic Coastal Operation Zone)  in the period July ’44 - May ’45. 

At the end of April '45 some vehicles of the unit are destroyed during the liberation of Istria and Trieste, and some, like this tank, were incorporated into the NOVJ  ( the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia)

I used pieces of Dragon, ACE, UM models in 1/72 scale with much self-construction. Figures are Preiser and Caesar.

Luckily, I was in Trieste for work so I took a ride to Piazza Garibaldi to take the measurements of the palace, unfortunatly not an ice-shop anymore ... 

So, this is an yugoslav tank T-34/76 model 43 entering Trieste first days of May, 1945 .... 














Thanks for your time and sorry for my poor english

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