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Hello everyone, since sometimes they come back, here I am to present my "PROJECT".

As the title suggests, I am working on one of the latest Airfix products, which for my part was much awaited.

It is my wife's gift for Christmas 2019 for which I have been holding the kit for a year.

I must admit that I was rather disappointed especially with regard to the level of detail which, given the scale and the price, I find unacceptable, I do not want to get into the usual modeling talk regarding this topic so I will limit myself to exposing the various improvements.

First of all here are the various aftermarket that I found for this model, I think I will add something else but I want to design and print the various pieces with my resin 3D printer (Anycubic Photon 3D for those interested).


ANYZ upgrade for the engine (power cables, spark plugs and various line connectors) of excellent workmanship, brass pipes from MASTER, seatbelts from HGW (fantastic is an understatement), Decal from AEROCRAFT MODELS to be integrated with those of the kit(maybe  cockpit detail fromAIRSCALE.
















Now the comparison between the various pieces of the kit and the one I printed in resin  they are not the definitive pieces as over the past few months I have refined the details, so be satisfied with the quality of the prints and photos made with flash and in hurry




Here's what I mean by poor quality of the kit, ok the limits of plastic, but here they are not wasted (even if looking at the presentation videos it seemed that they had done a superlative job.




Front and rear cylinders; I gave it a coat of paint as I am using a black resin so the details remain a little more visible




The evolution of the main body of the engine, at the bottom the one proposed by the kit completely wrong as a size in fact it does not enter the cylinder ring so you have to reduce it by at least 1.5 mm even here I do not understand how they could have been so wrong. The one on the top right is the semi-final shape as it lacks the housing holes for the cylinders






detail absent in the kit








Crank case reduction in comparison










Bendix magneto


Now some renderings of the morore with all the pieces already designed and some images of the pieces ready for resin printing


















All this is the result of hundreds of photos found on the net, technical drawings, maintenance and overhaul manuals of the Pratt & withney R2800-10W, tests and retries both in 3D and in print to arrive at a more acceptable detail result as the scale 1 : 24 does not forgive and risks making everything very toy. That's all for now, any help with photos, documents etc. is always welcome.

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Hi everyone I have problems showing the photos on A.R.C. and I can't understand why. This is the server's response when I try to upload photos: "The link could not be embedded because only https URLs are allowed." Until the problem is resolved, I invite you to follow the updates here




or here






I hope the problem will be resolved soon

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I apologize for the post but I think that someone has acked my profile, I have already proceeded to the change my pwd.

Chuck thanks for the comment and help, I performed these actions but unfortunately they had no effect, next time I post the uprgades I will try to do as you said.


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I thought I was Spartacus!  I had the same problem you did, and finally figured it out. In the lower right corner of the posting window click "Other Media" and select "Insert image from URL". Paste your image's location and hit enter. When the image pops up hit enter twice, then repeat the process ad nauseum. Some sited using this format will have a pop-up menu of the previous urls you've entered- pick the lates and then modify the image number or what have you.


Also, have you reconfigured your website to "https" format? It's pretty easy to do, and merely changing the url without changing your website will not work. Changing the site will NOT affect old links, so no worries there.


Hope this helps, and cheers!


PS- Nice work on your Hellcat!

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