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LF/WTB F4-H conversion set in 1/48th

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I am looking for a resin conversion kit to backdate a F-4B or J to a F4-H in 1/48th scale. Ideally the cutting edge set if anyone wants to part with it but any modern conversion set will do. I am getting back into modeling after a costly divorce that wiped out my stash so I don't have anything to trade.

Thank you for looking

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There is the Falcon Triple Conversion set #VI. It is three 1/48 vac conversion sets that includes a set to do a F4H-1 pre production aircraft. The other sets are for a F-106B and F-105B. The Hasegawa F-4B/N kit is recommended. If you aren't afraid of working with vac parts the conversion is pretty straight forward. The most time consuming is releasing the parts from the sheet. Plus, it is a pretty inexpensive set compared to the other resin sets. Additionally, Tasman Model Decals prints a decal set that includes markings for two versions of the F4H-1 , Top Flight and Sageburner. There are also decals for an Aussie F/A-18C and Mirage IIID. That set is also pretty in expensive compared to the Cutting Edge sheet. The decals are not Cartograph quality but will do the job.  

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I have Falcon conversion and Brigade, ok is costly but is another category.. no contest  (the beauty of modelling evolution 😉 

The brigade is better than cutting edge! 

Also Tasman(my sheet in on ebay 😆) is antiquated... and brigade conversion include cartograph decals (top of the top).

If you want sageburger get the CE sheet (fineartofdecals)


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Firstly, I would suggest getting the Tommy Thomason book on the early Phantom to see the details and differences between the early prototypes YF4H-1 (142259-142260) and pre-production F4H-1F Phantoms (143388/143392, 145307/145317, 146817/146821, 148252/148261, & 148262/148275). These were later designated as F-4A Phantom II.  There are major and minor differences.  


The Brigade set depicts the first two prototype YF4H-1 with excellent decals for 142259 on its first flight.  I would suggest purchasing a brass pitot to substitute for the resin one as it will not maintain a straight profile. The Master B-58 Hustler one is appropriate in length.  The Brigade set is designed to fit the Academy F-4B/N kit and its re-pops.


The Falcon Triple Conversion vac set gives various parts to depict either the YF4H-1 prototype or the later F4H-1F pre-production airframe, with minor mods. The Falcon set is designed to fit the Hasegawa F-4B/N kit.   I plan on combining it with the Brigade set to build F4H-1F 143310 on its bomb trials flight.


The Cutting Edge YF4H-1/F set is long OOP and as rare as hen's teeth and as expensive as elven nuts.   It too is designed for the Hasegawa F-4B/N kit. However, the accompanying Phantom Prototypes decal sheet is still available as pointed out above from fineartofdecals.com (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page).


Lastly, Caracal has announced a "Early Phantom" decal to be released in 2021 🤞.  It should include both early USN F4H-1 & USAF F-110A markings.  The ARC Forum thread is here.   


Get the Thomason book and then decide which airframe you want to build before deciding which set is best for your purposes.





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