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USCG Jayhawk with ski’s

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Hi, very quick question to the 60 family experts.


Has the USCG ever fitted ski shoes to its Jayhawk’s? I’ve seen the USAF with standard ski’s but not the USCG, got to wonder they would need them in Alaska, if so how is the twin tail wheel accommodatated?


Cheers in advance.

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8 hours ago, Tgoetz said:

I've seen pictures of the MH-65 out of Anchorage with them on, but never a Jayhawk.  Which is kinda odd.  Wonder what the difference is?  

 certainly you mean this one: 2472875.jpg


I don't know any particular reasons why the USCG does not use them on Jayhawks. But I guess they take possible cruise speed restrictions and maybe also weight into consideration. Also it landings in snow with this type of helicopter and its missions are maybe quite rare there might be no reason to think about fitting them.

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