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Getting that glossy, show-car finish... how?

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I haven't put a car model together since I was a kid, and back then they weren't much to look at. I usually got my dad to rattle can the body cause I was never too good at spraying things at the time. As an adult I've been doing aircraft since I got back into modeling. However, my son wanted to do some car builds, so he started working on one over the holidays. All good, until he got to the body prep & paint stage...


Before he goes ahead and airbrushes it we wanted to make sure we know the steps to take to get that high quality, glossy finish.


Sanding, buffing polishing, etc.


Anyone know of some good Youtube tutorials on the subject? Hints, tricks, etc?


I've got a cart of aircraft things ready to order from Sprue Bros... I'm just holding off placing the order to see if there are products for the car we need to add.

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