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Kits FS mostly 1/32 and a couple 1/48

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Sale items


HK Models B-25J glass nose

kits World Decal (MMR & Big Jamoke)

Montex Marking and Canopy Masks

Eduatd Cockpit Set

Eduard Pilot Seats

Eduard Brassim Wheels

HGW Belts 

ProfiModeler Nose weight

profimodeler tail gun details

profimodeler top turret details


box is open bags sealed. Lots of AM goodies. Kit sells for $185 new with no AM


-$215 shipped 


Wingnut Wings Sopwith Dolphin -$130 shipped 


Wingnut Wings Jeannin Stahltaube $220 shipped 


Revell F-4G Phantom II with Legend F-4E Cockpit, Icarus Decals for Greek F-4Es and Resin intake covers. - $70 shipped 


Trumpeter P-40N with Eduard Look instrument panel - $70 shipped


Revell Tornado IDS with Flight Path Decals for operation Granby and CAM Resin ejection Seats - $50 shipped


1/32 Roden Spad VII USAS - $35 shipped 


1/48 Lindbergh JN-4 Jenny, Lonstar models Resin Fuselage/interior and engine and things liberty engine and Red Geckko Decals - $40 shipped 


1/48 Revell AG boxing  of Hasegawa SH-3H along with After Market decals. - $45 shipped 


message me via board. Willing to entertain reasonable offers. Will to discuss trades. Interests are 1/48 allied and Japan and lesssr combatants, post war props and Cold War. 

thanks for looking.





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Interested in the following:


Wingnut Wings Sopwith Dolphin -$130 shipped 

Wingnut Wings Jeannin Stahltaube $220 shipped 

1/32 Roden Spad VII USAS - $35 shipped 


Shipped price the same to Canada as I am in Vancouver, BC?  I have extensive list for trade as well.



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