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Eduard 1/72 MiG-21MF Fishbed C 41 Angola

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It’s done! First of four Fishbeds has been finished. :OMG-OMG:

Kit and decals from Eduard. Only aftermarket stuff added was a modified Aerobonus pilot and the UB-16-57 pods from Eduard’s Brassin line.

Colours are mostly Gunze’s Mr Hobby Color and Mr Color, with AK’s Extreme Metal series for most of the metal bits. Weathering with AK’s panel line washes and Oilbrushers.



Plane depicts C 41 as flown by Cuban pilots in the late 1970s/early 1980s in Angola.










The kit was an absolute joy to build. Basically fell together. Just thinned some edges on the air inlet and the exhaust, as well as on the radar cooling overspill on the nose. Also opened the various air intakes on the fuselage and the gun’s nozzle.







The stand is just a preliminary one. A stand-in, so to speak. :coolio: (Geddit? A stand-in? Geddit?) It’s a clear acrylic rod with a diameter of about  3mm. Had to be filed down to fit the mount on the plane, as the mount was done with a brass rod in mind. It’s a bit wobbly, but should be fine for longer use.







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Did the Germetik canopy sealant with Vallejo acrylics and a thin paint brush. I wanted to use painted clear decal sheet stripes (as on the Foxbat), but probably laid down too much paint on the clear sheet.  





The canopy is in bare aluminium. Apparently the Perspex the Soviets used deteriorated quickly and had to be replaced often. The whole canopy came as a complete replacement part.





Eduard’s painting instructions should be taken with a grain of salt. They specify roundels, but apparently these MiGs didn’t use any. Just the fin flash in Angola’s colours. Which Eduard mixed up. Red should be at the top. Had to repaint the rudder in the correct order. My theory is that Eduard was thrown by pics of some Cuban MiGs painted for a Cuban film that also showed wrong colours. LINK!




Weathering is a bit heavy on the gun and tank, but on purpose. These MiGs were involved in lot of  mud-moving missions. For instance, during the Battle of Cangamba that lasted from Aug 2 till Aug 10 of 1983, nine MiGs flew more than 200 missions, expending 400 bombs and 2,700 S-5 57mm rockets, as well as 2,700 rounds of 23mm ammo.



For reference, I used the Africa@War volumes on the Cuban involvement in Angola. Highly recommended!





So, this is my Angolan Fishbed. Hope you like it! :cheers:

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