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PLAAF J-11BS vs J-16 visual differences?

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If I remember correct, J-16 could be considered as Chinese upgraded version of Su-30MKK.

Most details such as panel line shape or rivet layout is similar as Su-30, but it has below features which different than Su-30.


Differences compared with J-11BS are:

Radome without pitot tube but lightning rods;

Enlarged/advanced IRST mounted on same position as Su-30(right side on windshield);

Su-30 style IFR probe;

Full digitalized cockpit and advanced HUD;

Su-30 style twin wheel nose gear;

Su-30 style main wheel hubs; 

Radar warning advices and additional navigation lights here and there;

Panel lines and rivets layout is more similar to Su-30 style(different than Su-27UB/J-11BS for example wing upper surface).


Same or similar areas alike J-11BS are:

Brand new pylons and transfer beams for Chinese weapons(PL series AA, etc.) except wingtip launchers which is quite unique on J-16 (longer to hold new PL-10 as said);

FWS-10 engines;

Su-27UB/J-11BS style vertical fins;


So if you want to make an authentic J-16, easier to start from a Su-30MKK by adding parts from J-11BS together with some modification work.

And since the mixed up feature between Su-27UB and Su-30, it would be quite difficult for a model kit maker to design the J-16 authentically, considering the mold cost vs sales volume, at least in my own opinion.


Just my 2 cents.

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