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CD48173 - 1/48 FJ-3/3M Fury

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1 hour ago, Bryan H. said:

When you do your 1/48 FJ-3 Fury sheet, please include the markings for VF-51.  They're already on your sheet #72076, so hopefully it is not too difficult to include them on your 1/48 sheet. 


:cheers: & happy modeling, Bryan


The 1/72 scale FJ-3 sheets were basically an exploratory project to draw and test a bundle of FJ-3 art so that I would be ready for the 1/48 kits when they arrived 🙂 Many of those options will transfer to the 1/48 sheets.

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I don't know my Fury variants very well...If that's a -3, lets have some Jolly Rogers Furies!


Maybe a VF-84 Jet too, so we can pose the once and future Bones squadrons together. 

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26 minutes ago, Paul Boyer said:

So there must be another sheet with more white designs on it for VF-33?


Just like the FJ-2 sheets CD48171/CD48172 (which are coming back in a limited reprint in April), the FJ-3 sheets also have a second, extensive black/white sheet with markings such as modex numbers, white or black design elements, etc.

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