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TOPGUN F-14A in Iranian Markings

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Nice to see the Academy kit brought out, I will use the same for my VF-154 entry.

I saw on my copy that the kit takes some cleanup effort.


Looking forward to your build!


Blue skies,


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Yeah, it has 4-9s and 4-7s for on the wings.  The kit also includes 2 drop tanks, 1 TARPS pod and 4 AIM-54s for under the fuselage.  Not sure how they changed the spues over the years if they did at all.  This boxing has a 2001 copyright on the instructions.

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I was looking at the sprues for their VF-1 boxing of this kit and I don't see the pieces to make the 4 Aim-9's work. The 4 missiles are there, but only 2 rails and the pylons provided only give you the choice of the Sparrow or Phoenix missiles. 

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Your right that there is only 2 rails in the kit.  There are two different pylons but that doesn't help either.  I'll have to see what I have in the spares box or do some surgery on the pylons to look like what I need.  I'm going to have to fab the left one to hold 2 sidewinders and lop off a bunch on the right one.  Not sure what the Hasegawa weapons kits have in them either.





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I love the old Academy kit. My very first model. I probably built a dozen of them over the years. Was reboxed by a polish company with awesome VF-114 boxart... https://www.scalemates.com/pl/kits/design-7210-grumman-f-14-tomcat--204837


Keeping my fingers crossed. Awesome choice of the camo. IRIAF F-14's look amazing.

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