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Fast Eagle 100 (1/72 Fujimi F-14A with Furball Decals)

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 Fast Eagle 100 as she looked in 1993


I figured I'd post a WIP thread even though my camera charger is AWOL at the moment, so there are no pictures for now. Not to worry, nothing done yet makes for good pictures, anyway.


I will be using the Fujimi 1/72 F-14A kit for this build, but I have a Fujimi F-14D as a backup as well as some spare pieces from a trashed build of another Fujimi kit. The most important parts being the nose half with the NACA gun vents and extra Sidewinder rails. Why do I need a backup kit, you ask? Because I will attempt to build this as an in-flight display with the 4 Aim-9 and 4 Aim-7 loadout. I decided to first construct all the assemblies that require modifications. If I need to move to the backup kit, I want to do it ASAP. 


So far I have closed up the main wheel gear doors on the wing gloves. They fit pretty good, would have fit perfect if I could sand in a straight line. 😄 Just some minor cleanup there.


I dry-fitted the nose gear doors to the nose halves. The large doors fit perfectly, but the small pair of doors at the rear do not line up with the larger doors. Not sire if I should attempt to scratch new doors or fit the kit parts and fill the gap with putty or styrene  shims.


The wing glove pylons have been cut in half to begin the process of building the lower Sidewinder rails and adapters. I can't sand straight to save my life, but I was able to cut the pylons near perfectly with a hand saw and scribing tool. Go figure.





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Yes. The missile pylons are almost done. Just need to fill some seams with putty. Not bad looking for the scale. I assembled the wings and attached the upper and lower fuselage halves with the beaver tail - glove vanes are glues closed.


I am waiting on my Sprue Brothers order for some paints and Miliput. Then I can paint the cockpit and crew figures. Also, I can begin mounting the intake trunks with the internal supports for the stand.


I will have pics in the coming days.




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