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Storing pre-thinned Gunze primer ?

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Hi everyone, I am thinking about mixing the Gunze surfacer with thinner and store it in glass bottle with eye dropper. This way I don't need to mix them every time before airbushing, just pour it into the cup on the airbrush. Quite convenient, right ?

Any downside or unexpected side effects with storing the pre-thinned Gunze primer for a long period of time ?  I also have MRP which is pre-thinned acrylic lacquer. I noticed that if the bottle stay on the shelf for a long time, there is some separation of the pigment, but a vigorous shaking seems would solve the problem.


Thanks for any input you may have on this !

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I have stored Mr Color Surfacer 1500 with Mr Color Leveler for short periods. I usually pre mix a substantial amount for my planned use. But that's as far as I go typically, I would not think there would be an issue.

I have thinned out a multiple amount of Gunze paints with Mr Color Leveler for extended periods of time, some reached about a year or so. Never had an issue (discolorations, opacity etc) with them either after a vigorous shaking.





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I also mix it up in batches.  I'm using Mr. Surfacer 1200 instead of 1500, but mix up 40 mL at a time (large Tamiya jar) and have not had problems.  I usually go through this in 6-8 weeks, so it doesn't sit horribly long.  I also do this for the colors I use frequently such as white, black, a basic gray; but in smaller batches (10 mL jars).  I have not had any problem with these.


I have also been doing this with clear gloss (Tamiya X-22) and had one batch yellow badly in the jar.  I had several prior batches that were just fine and my most recent batch seems fine.  So this may have reflected contamination or some other issue, but it did happen.  

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I thin it in the airbrush cup and just tip an excess back into the jar. I do this with paint and Mr Surfacer.  never seen any point in doing otherwise


I've also had yellowing of X 22, proably because I thinned with cheap hardware store thinner and tipped into the jar. I've also sparyed that mixture it doesn't dry anything but glossy and clear. 

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