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Yes, I did a forum search! Most threads dated back before the photobucket issues and so any references were lost and links dead. 


I've got the 1/48 AFV RF-5E kit that I'd like to build as a Saudi bird from Desert Storm. Did they fly in the black scheme only or were they a mix with the sand/green scheme?

And is there a source of decals for these aircraft or do I need to scavenge elsewhere?


Aside from a 275gal centerline, did they carry an ECM pod? AIM-9Ps?


Photos I have found, appear to be during stopovers in the England or delivery/depot through Scotland. 


Thanks in advance. I look forward to reading what you all provide. 


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Hi Jeff,


Isradecal has sheet that covers middle east tigers. Two of the options are for Saudi RF-5's, one in the black camouflage and the other in the three tone variation.


Here's a link review:



Unfortunately I believe that the sheet is out of production, so it can be hard to get one.


Hope this help. 





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there is a problem with info/pics on Arab allies during the Gulf war. So, I guess, if you choose camo or overall black, you can not be wrong.

There is just no info to say otherwise ....

Let me know if you need more pics/info on Saudi RF-5E, I might have some more.





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Thank you Jakub. Love your site. It's a wealth of info on pretty much anything from DS.

I understand Arab "security". Odd bunch sometimes. 



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