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Revell 1/48 Stearman PT-17

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Hey ARC, here's my first for the new year. I actually got it done back in late January, but I'm barely getting around to sharing it here.


When I decided to build it, I wanted to go with something a little different. While I was looking for inspiration and references online, I found a restored airshow bird with an attractive scheme. Mine is loosely based on that airframe. It's not even close to being perfect, but I'm happy with my first attempt at a biplane. I learned a lot during this build. I think it's another solid 3-footer that will look good among the other 3-footers on my shelves. 


I painted using MM and Testors' "little square bottle" enamels. The main color is MM ADC gray. The fuselage band and tail are MM Insignia red, white and/or blue. The yellow is Testors "little square" Yellow. The fuselage band, the markings within the band, and the rudder stripes are all painted. Additions are some simple wire on the engine and tape belts in the cockpit. Some aftermarket decals to customize my livery. Fine wire grab handles on the fuselage, and finally, E-Z Rigging line for the rigging. I used Tamiya X-22 Clear and Flory washes for weathering.





























Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to share any more comments, criticisms or questions. They're always welcome. Happy modeling!




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