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Wanted to buy or swap 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A thunderbolt II to

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Hi all

I'm looking to buy or swap for a 1/32 A-10A thunderbolt II 

Here is a list of items I'm happy to swap for an A10

This is what I have in 1/32 scale

Black box F18B cockpit set

F-4D Able Models F18C/D hornet chaff/flare dispensers set

Black box mig-21 cockpit set

Model choice SPPU 22 Soviet gun pods

Tamiya F16 canopies (tinted and clear)

Grand Models F16C block 50/52rrsin conversion set to make Hellenic or polish version

Grand Models Pratt & Whitney small mouth intake, flame holder, engine cowling, burner can

F-16 block 30/32 main gear doors

F-16 block 52 front gear door

Tamiya F16C block 30/32 Thunderbirds sprue L clear parts

Academy F16I Sufa clear parts sprue

Eduard F14A tomcat PE set for Tamiya kit

Master F14 métal Pitot tube and AOA sensors

Quickboost F14A ejection seats with belts

CAM AGM-65 Maverick missiles (set of 3)p

Wolfpack AN/AAQ 28 lightening II pod

Aires AN/ALQ 188 attack training pod

Master Tornado metal Pitot tube and AOA sensors

Flightpath resin tornado pylons and wheel set and PE parts to make a GR1A recce tornado


DECALS all 1/32 scae


Roodecal RAAF  Mirage decals

Two bobs F18B Hornet Casper and his bandit ghosts 32-059

Two bobs F18A topgun hornets 32-018

High planes RAAF Mirage III 76Sqn 3202

Hawkeye models RAAF F18A dark grey low viz trial scheme AAF 15

Two bobs Saudi F15S Khamis Mushait eagles 32-058

Two bobs G16C blizzard bad guy 32-063

Superscale F16N /TF16N standard data decals

Fighter town F18C big bad Charlie hornets FTD 32001

Two bobs F14A splintered NSAWC Tomcat 32-005

Two bobs F18A/B Hornets VFC 12 Fighting Omar's 32-004

Tally Ho Mig-21 Czech stencil data

Tiger Wings Mig-21 Romanian Air Force and includes stencil data for Romanian, Czech, polish and luftwaffe Mig-21s

Eagle strike VN warriors F-4E part 1 32-010

Fox One gunfighter F-4C Phantoms 32-002


I also have these two books on the SU-27 Flanker which are very nice.  I've included them as you seem to have an interest in the Flanker

SU-27 Flanker super fighter by Jon lake published by osprey aerospace

SU-27 Flanker by Sergey Skrynnikov published by concord

Or Swap for a 1/32 trumpeter Mig-29 SMT

So anyway interested in a trade or selling an A10, let me know

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