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F-4EJ改 KAI: Tamiya 1/32nd Scale

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Hey guys I’ve got a side gig going.  I’m going to knock out a Tamiya 1/32nd F-4EJ KAI.  This will be another inflight model.  Mounted on a runway base, where I’ll do that cool motion blurred effect.  Also I’ll be adding some electronics, lights sound and app controlled over Blue Tooth.


Pilots are complete.  Oh and by the way this will be a video series.


Hope you like what you see!






Here’s my vid…



The cockpit is next…


Thanks for tuning in!



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3 hours ago, crackerjazz said:

Amazing stuff, Timmy.  Learning a lot.  Can I ask what epoxy putty you're using?  I use Apoxie Sculpt but that looks way easier to control.

Thanks.  It's Gunze Sangyo Mr. Epoxy Pro-H.  It has a much finer grain and yes it is much smoother and easier to work than Apoxie Sculpt.

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Hello Timmy, 

Just joined in to follow your AMAZING  build.

Your Pilots are EXQUISITE  .




Love watching the video(and learned  a few things....)


Can't wait to see the Cockpit as its MY Favorite  part of the aircraft. 


Keep up the excellent work. 


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